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Dear Slovak friends,
I really enjoyed the whole project.
The best place you presented was in my opinion Betliar because of an old and beautiful library and rooms with stylish, old furniture. The thing that really surprised me was that there is a room dedicated to queen Sisi which I really liked.
I had so much fun when I did quizzes about your lovely country with my friends and I learned some facts about Slovakia.
Another interesting thing was a presentation about cool places to visit I hope we can see them one day.
I was kind of surprised when I found out that pizza is the most popular meal eaten by students here, I'm wondering what our Italian friends think of that:-).
I hope I will be able to experience these fun places and get more knowledge about Slovakia again :)
Wiktoria, Poland

Dear Slovak friends,
I really enjoyed Erasmus+ even though I couldn't go sightseeing and only watched films about all these places but I enjoyed it so much. If I could, I'd love to participate again in the project like that.
Krzysztof, Poland

Dear friends from Slovakia:
We're very sorry that we are not together in person. However this virtual meeting has been instructive as to the heritage of your beautiful country. The activities are a good time to share and motivate to for the next trip.
Fátima e Cecília, Portugal 

The week I spent in Portugal was amazing. I had a chance to see many beautiful places and meet even nicer people. I really enjoyed the time in Lisbon and Porto, which are stunning cities. I also liked Costa Nova a lot. One of my favourite moments ever day was meeting all our mates from Erasmus team in the evening. We had a really great time together. There were a few things that I didn't expect in Portugal like no central heating at home or rain almost every day. I wish we had had a guide in every place because I didn't learnt as much as I could. All in all, this mobility will stay in my memory forever as a fantastic experience. Thank you.

Kacper, Poland 

Dear Polish friends

Thank you for the amazing experience in your country. Although we are neighbours, we still do not know a lot about each other. Knowing Torun and Wroclaw and your cuisine was one of the highlights (as I had been to Krakow and Wieliczka before). Especially I would like to thank the organizers (Ana and Karina) for the effort they made to make our stay so beautiful. They even managed to arrange extraordinarily warm weather fort the end of October :)

Martina, Slovakia 

My travel to Poland was an amazing experience. Meeting new people, making new friends, understanding other cultures was really very enriching. But above all I am very grateful to the family who welcomed me, they treated me like a family member. To them and to all my thanks!

Tânia Fernandes, Portugal 

Travel to Poland was a wonderful experience. Meet new people and culture was incredible. My favorite place was Wieliczka Salt Mine because it's really beautiful and at the same time the place have some representations that helped to understand the visit better. Participate on this project was great and important to my future! 

I really appreciate the host of the projects, especially Anna and Karina. Poland and the Polish people left the great impression. I've never forget the cosy Wielun, amazing Krakow, Torun and Wroclaw. You're great!
Lina. Lithuania 

Dear Polish (and also Portuguese, Spanish, Lithuanian and Italian :)) friends,
Our mobility in Poland was an unforgettable experience for me. Thanx to Ania and Karina we had a wonderful week packed with interesting activities (historic Roman workshop) travelling to beautiful places (Torun, Wroclaw, Kraków, Wieliczka) and above all, meeting nice and inspiring people. I am grateful I could participate :) 

Eva, Slovakia

Dear Spanish Friends,

I think that the most beautiful in Spain were the views of Avila, Toledo and Segovia. Things that surprised me: the way that Spanish people greet newly met people by kissing them twice on each cheek and that waiters can't speak English in "tourist towns". Spanish people are always kind and have smile on their faces, they are singing on the streets and greeting strangers. It's different then in Poland. I really liked Marina's family. I am very grateful for their kindness. Thanks to this experience I am planning to visit Spain again or go to Portugal to see the ocean.

Thank you all, Julia Cieślak, Poland 

Dear Lithuanian friends,

I´d like to thank you for your hospitality, attractive programme and your care during our stay in Šiauliai. We´ll remember all the moments of the mobility. 

Alena, Slovakia

Dear spanish friends,

I still can't believe on the hospitality and what I had the oportunity to learn, everything due to you! Everyone that was in this mobility is in my heart and I will always remember you all!

I loved to learn historical things about the roman times but even more to learn about the way you live, your traditional dance, food everything, it was really important to my growth as a person.

Cristina, Portugal 

Dear Spanish friends,

From this mobility so close to our "home" the difficult is to choose simple words to express the grandeur of heritage, traditions and customs.
Thank you for the warmth, generosity and hospitality that you have given us this week.
We felt that your "home" was our "home".

Fátima, Portugal 

My visit to Spain was so successful. I have met a lot of new people. I was learning how to talk with teenagers from different countries. At the beginning it wasn't easy, but after two days I was having conversations without any problems. I wish mobilities were longer, because I would like to talk with my new friends more. I wasn't learning only English language, but Spanish and Portuguese too. I have also tried traditional Spanish food. I think it is so good, but I don't like squid. I like shrimps and clams. It was so interesting, because I had never eaten anything like that before. I think that Spanish cities are amazing. I love old buildings and views of Toledo, Merida, Avila and Segovia. I like Madrid too, because it is such a modern and big city. In real world everything looks much better than in the pictures. I like Spanish people too. They greet each other differently than Polish people. It surprised me. I think they are more joyful. Thanks to this project I know that I love travelling and I can talk with people from different countries. I want to start learning Spanish language. I think it can be useful in the future.

Unforgettable experience! Thank you!

Julia Światła, Poland 

Last April 19-23 a virtual edition of our mobilities was launched by the school member in Slovakia. It was our first meeting this year and after the pandemic situation which suddenly stopped all the mobilities planned for 2020-2021.
At first, it seemed a bit weird and did not sound very attractive to our students involved. The most appealing part -and maybe the very aim of this sort of projects as travelling and joining other families and students in their respective countries would not be possible now. Therefore it was not as easy to motivate our students to take part in it this time as it used to be in the past.
Yet, it turned out to be a success. The students and teachers at the host school in Slovakia did a wonderful job at preparing funny and really interactive activities, so that our students could join their peers and learn quite a good deal of interesting matters on Slovakia and its heritage, as well as about the rest of the countries in the project in a playful way.
Our students really enjoyed taking part in the several contests and browsing through the internet for information to try the different activities suggested, thus enhancing their IT skills and general autonomy while practising their English.
Obviously, nothing can compare the experience of travelling and living other cultures, joining other people and friends 24 hours a day during a whole week in their own social milieu. But the experience of meeting every morning on the internet, hearing their voices and seeing them at a time made us all feel close and part of the project again.
The students and the teachers in the project have missed our friends abroad and the happy memories from the past. But the virtual mobility brought us together again and made it possible for us to meet once more, even when it was finally to say goodbye.
Jose, Spain 

Dear Slovak friends,
I really enjoyed this student exchange program despite the fact that it was online. It was great that I could see and talk with my friends from other countries. I am so glad that I could see Kosice. It is a very nice and charming city. The biggest surprise for me was the Premonstratensian monastery, Church of St. John the Baptist and the library, it's a very interesting place. I am very happy that I took part in it and for sure I will remember it for a long time.
Olga, Poland

Dear Portuguese Friends,

I want to thank you for the amazing week in your country! It was a terrific experience. In spite of no heating it was enriching to making new friendships. I appreciate your hospitality and the opportunity to know your culture and customs. I've met a lot of stunning people. I'm grateful for knowing new places like Costa Nova or Lisbon. I have also seen an ocean for the first time! I will always remember all of you. Lots of love,

Wiktoria, Poland 

Dear Polish friends,

thank you for a great week we could spend in Poland packed with amazing program. I really liked your presentation of Poland. I fell in love with the cities we visited (Kraków, Wieluń, Wroclaw, Wieliczka), but I think that Toruń with its magical atmosphere and smell of gingerbreads is my favourite one. Thank you again for unforgettable memories:)

Klára, Slovakia 

Dear Polish friends,

I want to say big thank you for all your hospitality and generosity. It has been a real pleasure for me to meet you and get to know each other. We have seen so much that I can't even describe all of my enthusiasm about beauty of your country. I am grateful for the opportunity to practise language and also learn a lot of new things. Thank you!

Kristina, Slovakia 

Dear Polish friends,

Thank you very much for your friendliness and warm conversations that we had in that weak. Really liked those big citys wher we was, and I think that your city Wieluń is realy cute. I realy fell in love those gingerbreads and your traditional dumplings. I'm realy glad that I had that wonderful week. Good luck for you on your future journeys.
Best wishes from Lithuania,

Gustė Malinauskaitė, Lithuania

A trip to Lithuania was a really interesting experience. I have met a lot of very nice and open-minded people from Lithuania and from other countries. I got to know the culture of this country because we were visiting a lot of fascinating places. One of them was the capital, Vilnius and its landmarks and monuments. Another one was Palanga. A beautiful city located by the Baltic sea. We saw there an amber museum and we could admire a beautiful park covered in fog which made this place more mysterious. The only one minus was that we had a really busy schedule. I think that this meeting was great.

Kuba from Poland

Dear Spanish friends,

thank you for providing us a remarkable week.
thank you as well for the hospitality and for the food :D
hope to see you very soon because i don't think this journey has already finished, (even if it is my last year in regular school).

Dear Spanish friends,

thank you for the great time we could spend in your country. I appreciate your dedication and zeal for everything you prepared for us during the trip. Your friendship, sincerity, willingness made our time with you and other partners fantastic. :)))) 

Alena, Slovakia

Dear Lithuanian friends,

Participating as a teacher in this project presents a huge learning opportunity.
During my stay in Siauliai, I was able to contact incredible people, beauty of heritage, landscapes so different from the ones I knew then, Lithuanian traditions.
I lived unforgettable moments. Thank You!

Fátima, Portugal 

When I was in Lithuania people there were a little pessimistic, but I think that was a matter of the weather (it was a bit cold). Lithuania is similar to Poland. Lithuanian language is different from Polish but there are a few similar words like potato and sugar. Food from Lithuania was very tasty, but a bit too greasy for me. I like Cepeliny very much! After this trip I think that typical soup with cream served cold for me is the best! I really enjoyed decorating eggs with wax. The cultural evening with folk dances was wonderful. I loved it! I would like to come back there one day! People who I met were really sociable and friendly. I will miss you guys!

Weronika Bak, Poland

I'd like to thank you all Spanish teachers and students.

When I was in Spain I saw a lot of beautiful places like Toledo, Madrid, Merida, Avilla, and Segovia. I got to know loads of things about the best medieval wall. I learnt about the equipment of Roman legions because of the puzzle in the escape room. I was admiring things that survived from the ancient Roman Empire (like Circus, Amphitheater, aqueduct) in Merida and Segovia. I think the most breathtaking was Toledo because of the climate of this city. The food was completely different from polish but I liked it. I was surprised because of the people. They were really nice and friendly. Those people will be a reason why I will remember this trip for a really long time.

Kuba, Poland 

Dear Slovak friends,
Since I remember I was talking with my host about Slovakia, and planning my visit there. I was so excited to see that country. I wanted to know their culutre and traditions.
This year, despite pandemic situation I was able to visit amazing Kosice. Sightseeing interesting touristic places, solving quizes or simply talking about school let me feel like I was there, with my peers.
Thank you very much for this opportunity, because it was unforgetable.
We miss you,
Monika, Poland 

Mobility in Portugal was the best experience in my life. We visited lots of special historical places, tasted original food and sweets from Portugal and also we learnt something about culture of the country. I have to say that this trip was really good. We met lots of new people and have fun together like a one big family. I enjoyed every minute there.

Marek, Slovakia 

Dear Portuguese Friends

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that wonderful time that I could spend in your country. That was huge. I've met a lot of marvelous people and made new friends. l will remember a lot of places like Costa Nova or Porto forever because they are beautiful and unique. For me the best was visiting Caves Ferreira. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Portuguese cuisine and I missed central heating in the house. All in all, you were all very friendly and I felt at home. This mobility will stay in my mind for life.

Anita, Poland 

Dear Portuguese,

I really enjoyed this project, especially the Portuguese and their culture. While visiting the Science Museum, I like the history of science from the 18th century to the present through the Physics Hall and the Natural History Galleries (University of Coimbra). I want to thank you for a very impressive journey and new friends.

Skaistė Peleckytė, Lithuania 

Dear Polish friends,

It was a pleasure to be able to travel to a country as fantastic as Poland.It was an unforgettable experience, where I made new friendships, not only with Polish people, but also with people from other countries.I loved knowing your culture, and some monuments and most important places.But I loved above all the hospitality and love with which I was received, and so I would like to thank my host, and his family who treated me with great affection.
I'll never forget this week and the friendships I've made, thank you!

Ana, Portugal 

Dear Polish friends,

thank you all for our amazing week in Poland. We had a great fun, the programme was really interesting, I discovered many beautiful places, such as Krakow, Wieliczka or Toruń. Last but not least, I'd like to say thank you for your hospitality and friendliness, which made our stay even more enjoyable.

Adam, Slovakia 

Dear Portuguese friends,

Thank you for the wonderful time we spent in your country. We´ll remember the places we visited forever because they are beautiful, unique, breathtaking. And they will be always connected with the people we met there - smiling, nice, helpful, hospitable, dedicated. Thank you, Paulo, Fatima, Isabel, Cecilia.

Alena, Slovakia 

A trip to Poland was really great. I met a lot of friendly people and saw how people live in other countries. It was a good opportunity to improve our English and social skills. The cities we visited were beautiful with old but great architecture. I liked Polish food, people and dances. Too bad that we had only one week because we had to "run" from one place to another to see all the beautiful places. But it doesn't matter because with the right people everything is a thousand times better, no matter if you have to run or not. :))

Eva from Lithuania 

I really enjoyed this project and especially the Polish people and their culture I want to thank for a very impressive trip and very warm peopleThank you all, Ugnius 


Thanks to all partners, 

we started very well and the first year is comming to end. Thanks to Spanish team for amazing acttivities in Toledo.

Malik, Lithuania

Dear Lithuanians,

we would like to thank you for everything you did for us. We had trully great time during our visit and many great memories will stay with us forever. We can't wait to see you soon during your visit to Slovakia. All the best 

Slovak team 

Dear Lithuanian friends,

I want to thank you for your hospitality and for everything that you let us learn. I loved to know your culture and to taste your traditional food. You all were very friendly and I felt like I were at home. I will always remember that mobility with love and happiness.

Mónica, Portugal 

Dear Lithuanian friends,

I want to thank you for the wonderful week i spent with you. You were so friendly and hospitable.
I love learning about you, your culture, your traditions and tasting your traditional food. It was a good programme and the activities were great.
I will never forget this amasing trip and the friends i made!

Catarina, Portugal 

Summarizing the mobility in Lithuania I can say I'm really happy! I had an opportunity to see a country I had never been to, meet new languages and traditions. But first of all I met fantastic people. We took part in integrating activities like city game thanks to which we got to know Siauliai. The biggest part of the city was then in renovation. I think that this place in a few years will be even more beautiful and worth visiting. A positive surprise was a Lithuanian cold soup which was very tasty. But the cepelins weren't my favorite dish. They were so greasy. I also had an opportunity to get to know traditions of Lithuania. One of them was decorating Easter eggs or baking rye bread. On the same day all the countries took part in cultural evening when we dancing national dances to folk music.

Thank you for everything.

Wiktoria Parzybut, Poland 

Dear Spanish friends,

Thanks a lot for your hospitality. I learned a lot in this experience, your culture it's simply beautiful.

Everyone that participated in this exchange are in my heart. Thanks for the attractive program and the moments that we passed together.

Joana, Portugal 

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