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30 August 2021        

Dissemination meeting - presenting the project results, final pruducts and the website to the staff

22 June 2021

Visiting the sites of the World Cultural Heritage in our regionSpiš Castle and the medieval town Levoča


About our project and the virtual mobility on Regional Radio Regina Vychod   

The article in newspaper

Our project on regional radio Regina 

7 February 2020 

Open day - presenting the project

23 October 2019

Excursion to: 

1. the national nature reserve called Morske oko with exceptionally well preserved fauna and flora, on the UNESCO list of World Natural Heritage

2. village Ruská Bystrá with the Greek Catholic wooden Church of the relics of St. Nicholas the Bishop, on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List 

3. the lake in Beňatina - the most eastern travertine bearing locality

18 June 2019 

Workshop in The Centre for Folk Art Production

  • learning about one of Slovak traditional crafts 
  • tinkering as a part of the National heritage 
  • making beautiful handcrafted hearts 

6 - 7 June 2019

Visit to Roman heritage sites in Slovakia

(history lesson beyond the classroom through the field trip) 


1. Roman inscription from 179 carved into the castle rock in Trenčín as a piece of evidence that Slovakia formed the northen frontier of the Roman Empire  

2. Ancient Roman military camp in Rusovce (part of Bratislava) - ruins of a Roman forum, military camp, civilian settlement, a well, a helmet of a Roman soldier, fragments of furnaces, tombstones and altar stones discovered in the ancient Gerulata

3. The Roman lapidary in Komarno - an exposition of the artefacts from the Roman times, roman stone-statuary monuments from the territory of Pannonia (1st - 4th century)

21 May 2019 

Enjoying our national cultural heritage Visit to Čičmany - folk architecture reserve

4 April 2019

History lesson about Roman gladiators - learning about:

  • protective clothing
  • armor, helmets, shields, weapons
  • types of gladiators
  • violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals in the arena and much more..

History lesson 

  • the topic of Roman military hierarchy, army equipment and much more in students´ presentations 

Presentation by Doctor of Law B. Antalova, College lecturer from Law Faculty, University of P.J.Safarik in Kosice about  

  • the Roman legal heritage
  • the law of the ancient Romans as the basis of civil law in many countries and the legal system today
  • the law as a mandatory subject for law students 

16th November 2018 

Voting for the best logo:

 - 16 proposals 

- 228 votes

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